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“Love is not a maybe thing. You know when you love someone”

31 Mar

I posted this blog on Bebo a while back but now I’ve got an actual blog I’ve decided to post here… It’s not the same i’ve updated and spruced it up a bit… but the message “is what it is”

So…. Lauren Conrad

She’s Always Right!


She just comes out with brutally blunt honesty, and profound poetic statements simple enough to appear completely genuine.

After hearing that Heidi, along with her boyfriend Spencer were behind the sex tape rumors surrounding her and Jason Lauren screamed out against Heidi in a rage that had gone unseen throughout the time we’d “known” Lauren.

Two seasons of The Hills and another two seasons of Laguna Beach….


in a television moment that will never be forgotten!!

Something which sums up her brilliance is that one conversation with Heidi….

Blunt honesty:

“You’re lying to me.”

Simple words, complex phrases:

“Don’t look at me and tell me that you don’t know, because you know.”

Confusing, yet deep and thoughtful philosophies:

“I think you know that Spencer did this and I think you don’t want to believe it because you love him and I understand that. Because sometimes, when you love someone, you want to believe they’re good.”

Things that make ya think?:

“Heidi, sometimes whether you did something or did nothing, it’s just as bad.”

Questions that cannot be answered:

“How can you hate someone so much that you literally want to make them wish they were dead?”

Second best line of the season:

“The only thing really that there is to do is to forgive and forget. So I really do, I want to forgive you…. And I want to forget you.”

Lauren Conrad. She’s trusted so many people and it’s been a journey of ups and downs but she’s never wrong…

She’s even sooo forgiving in recent encounters with heidi, and previews of what the future looks like?? Saint Lauren!

Recent profound statements

“it is what it is”

re: her and Heidi’s relationship

She’s been on an emotional rollercoaster… not mentioning the crazy drama Audrina decided to lay on her last season, that girl needs to get a brain transplant, LC hated Justin Bobby, why would she EVER go there….


She’s so Smart, she’s got a profound understanding of life. She get’s what’s going on Waaaaay more than anyone else in the show.. in a word GENIUS…

Her and Brody have stuck by each other through thick and thin

MTV Hills Finale Party

I just CANNOT wait to see what the next season holds….

The preview Looks exciting!!!

“after everything that’s gone down the two people that they burned are the only two people that they have to call….”

It looks epic… and i know my love for the hills is strange. We can’t help what we like! I’ll probly lose the one fan i have (Catherine) by posting this and admitting to my love for the hills….

But it’s fun…

Can’t wait to see what happens in LC’s final season?? Not the final season of her life but the final season where we’ll be entertained by the dramas in her life. After this it’s pure celebrity gossip which is seriously just not as fun…


Memories Made In The Coldest Winter, Goodbye My Friend! Will I Ever Love Again…

31 Mar

Kanye West…Funny Guy…


It’s funny how things happen, I never liked Kanye west, kinda liked his music (the popular stuff) never liked him, he seemed like an absolute tool… Even now! hearing some of the stuff he comes out with makes me just stare blankly in disbelief… My personal favourite being the “I want less fans” fiasco… Somebody who says that doesn’t deserve the Millions fans he has…

Anyway It all started with Love Lockdown, It was like nothing I had ever heard before… I fell in love with the song… It was fresh, new, innovative. I thought, “One off” It wouldn’t be the start of a trend like…

So then i was on a chart music buzz and the day Kanye’s New Album was released i decided sure why not €9.99, iTunes, Bargain…


So came  808’S & HEARTBREAK

I Listened and was hooked, It was like a completely different person a new artist I’d just discovered, breaking the boundaries of music, blurring the Lines…

I found myself at one point last November thinking, only Kanye understands me….

I was Just listening to the album today on my way home and realising that’s some seriously good music… Every Song on the album is Brilliant (I love those albums). There’s something about the Lyrics that make me feel like I’m looking into Kanye’s actual soul at some points (a little melodramatic i know)

At some points in the album it’s like he’s actually going INSANE

e.g. Robocop…

“Oh you kidding me,
You must be joking,
Or you are smoking
Oh, oh, you kidding me,
Oh you kidding me, ha ha, that was a good one,
Your first good one in a while
Your first good on in a while
You need to stop it now,
You need to stop it now,
Ooh you need to stop it now

I identify with the album even more now in my current state of heartbreak, but i just wanted to share with you the Amazingness! of this album and the beginning of my opinion turnaround of K-West…(It’s not over not over not over not over yet)

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I’m Currently…

30 Mar

Reading: Trying to but haven’t really had the time… The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde


Listening to: Talk You Down – The Script (Cannot Get Enough Of That Song)

Eating: Sugarsnap Peas and Humous… My favourite food ’09!



Watching: Nothing Right this Moment… But Thinking Of watching LOST… Missed Last weeks episode because I was in London.

Excited for: My Summer. Only 9 weeks til I’m free!!! Then Inter-railing in July!!!


Or Something Similar… Like coming from Dublin and going to more places…

Dreading: The Work That’s Gonna Be Involved for Assignments, Placement, College etc. for the next 9 weeks… STRESS