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Everybody’s Changing and I don’t Feel the Same…

16 Apr

This is a little awkward… Over a year since I’ve been here!

We’re the kind of friends who don’t have to see each other for ages, then when we do it’s like nothing’s changed right?

Well if we are in fact friends and there is anyone still out there with an interest in following my life or at least my blog, I’m moving here

Follow me?
I’m going to try make my life as interesting as possible but need a fresh canvas on which to paint it…

New start, trust me there are big changes on the way… I don’t even know if I’m ready but carpe diem (as rihanna said live your life!) and all that!!


On Repeat in my Head…

28 Jan

I’m loving this at the moment. Heard it on the radio yesterday and can’t stop listening to it!

Promise this…..

26 Jan

Ok I will do this post a week thing…


I know I’m late on the uptake….

I’ve broken promises before….

But stay tuned… You may be about to witness a whole new me… not right now tho I gotta run to the gym!! <— See!!! New Me