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Everybody’s Changing and I don’t Feel the Same…

16 Apr

This is a little awkward… Over a year since I’ve been here!

We’re the kind of friends who don’t have to see each other for ages, then when we do it’s like nothing’s changed right?

Well if we are in fact friends and there is anyone still out there with an interest in following my life or at least my blog, I’m moving here

Follow me?
I’m going to try make my life as interesting as possible but need a fresh canvas on which to paint it…

New start, trust me there are big changes on the way… I don’t even know if I’m ready but carpe diem (as rihanna said live your life!) and all that!!


On Repeat in my Head…

28 Jan

I’m loving this at the moment. Heard it on the radio yesterday and can’t stop listening to it!

Promise this…..

26 Jan

Ok I will do this post a week thing…


I know I’m late on the uptake….

I’ve broken promises before….

But stay tuned… You may be about to witness a whole new me… not right now tho I gotta run to the gym!! <— See!!! New Me

Run Away Fast as You Can…

24 Oct


Is absolutely amazing… It was filmed in Prague over the period of four days in the Summer of 2010

I don’t claim to know much about art but I think this is it. I just think it was an all round great production and I was completely sucked into it for the entire 35 minutes. I was left wanting more and that’s always a good sign.

Selita Ebanks the Phoenix in the film is also pretty amazing

Now I just can’t wait for his next album which is due November 22nd

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

It looks promising with plenty of greats featuring on it! “All of the lights” for me is the track to watch even just from the breif appearance in the runaway film.

I was never really into Kanye until 808s & Heartbreak but I just think he’s gotten so much better as time has gone on… or maybe I just never gave him enough of a chance to begin with I’ve got his back catalogue from  my best friend who’s obsessed with him so I’ll give them a proper listen and see how I feel.

I’m really looking forward to november. A great month for music a lot of my favourite artists releasing their new albums!! Happy music days ahead!

All I Really Want…is this!!

3 Sep

It’d make me really happy!!

Might be getting it with next months paycheck! :-/


*UPDATE* Still haven’t got one!!

All the crazy shit I did tonight Those will be the best memories.

6 Jul

What I was doing this time last year!!

05-06 July ’09

Day 7-8

Arrived in Salsburg after the most uncomfortable train journey of my life. Arrived in the train station at 4am basically hung out there until 8am cause there was nothing else to do. So then we went and got some burger king. What a breakfast. I would’ve died without it though. So we then got a taxi to the hostel because exhaustion had overcome us. It was only about €9 so that was grand. When we got there it was like 9.30… We weren’t able to check in until 1pm pretty terrible so we just hung out in the foyer for three and a half hours. I couldn’t sleep or function in any other way so I just sat there and got up a couple of times to walk around. I think I may have gotten about a half an our of sleep in the end. Then we checked in and I slept until six or seven. Almost completely wasted the day. We had dinner in the hostel it was about 6.50 for basically all you can eat it was amazing!! after that and watching  the end of Wimbledon (predictable result eh?) I went down and washed all my clothes because I had none left after a week. We then spent the rest of the evening drinking edelwiess (an Austrian beer) In the hostel’s bar and playing multiple card games… Fun times…

Austria is the first country in which it has rained during the day (In Venice we think it rained during the night but there was no evidence the next morning). Kinda makes things difficult sightseeing wise.
Yesterday wasn’t exactly culture filled.
we then went on the sound of music tour, It was fun enough. some great sights…
The next day just me and David went to see the Mozart related sights and some shopping Carmel stayed in the hostel cause she felt sick.
we then took a train to Vienna and checked into our hostel.

This was our exact hostel - The Wombats City Hostel Vienna (great place it had a bar!!)

we then went to the bar in the hostel and drank to our hearts content. This being until like 11pm for David and Carmel….
I then had to make new friends so i started talking to this Australian girl… Kerby was her name weird huh?
Talked to her for a short while, explained my situation to her and then one of her friends Will I think his name was introduced himself and I got them to guess where I was from. After they guessed Irish (It took a while) they introduced me to two other Irish guys who In turn Introduced me to 5 Canadian and 2 Austrian girls…
Over the course of the night I got ridiculously drunk… Cocktails, shots (One being Absynthe) Great times…
When the bar closed at about 2-2:30 we went of adventuring to find another pub, the Irish guys knew one which stayed open til half 5… En route to the pub on of the Canadians (She looked like Michelle from Skins) Decided it’d be a good idea to get mount me and I willingly obliged and ran down the road with her on my back, a few steps down and my legs basically just buckled because alcohol did not afford me great leg strength.
So for me sins I received a nasty cut on my knee (David said if it was 7 inches deeper I could’ve been paralysed) and a gigantic bump on my head, didnt realise I had it until this morning when I couldn’t lie properly on the pillow… Got home around 4.
Overall it was a brilliant night and I’ve got some facebook friends to show for it…
Always good…

(This is an extract from my failed Inter-railing journal which ended a couple of days after this!!)

Dream On, Dream On, Dream On. Dream until your dream comes true…

31 May

So I’ve had multiple resurrections of this blog… never hugely successful….


I’ve been too vague and unmotivated or really motivated with no direction!

In order to get this to go anywhere I need SMART Goals

S- Specific




T-Time Bound

Unlike Previous vague goals these will be more manageable so here are my blogging and life goals for the moment. Giving my life a bit of direction.

So here we go:

1. Post at least 4 times a week.

I don’t think that’s asking too much of myself and even if it means posting four small things on a Saturday afternoon on one of my lazier weeks, so be it!

That’s all of the above things and that is goal one!

2. Read at least 2 blog posts by other bloggers everytime I sign in and comment on that which interests me!

Doable I think. Build up a bit of a network!

3. Begin guitar lessons in the next two months.

I’ve a good friend who’s pretty good at the guitar and I’m pretty sure he’s offered me free lessons on multiple occasions. It’ll be a chance to see him on a regular basis which I don’t currently.

4. Learn Spanish Starting immediately at least one lesson a week

A friend of mine illegally downloaded came across some really great language learning software which normally would cost about 600 euro. So using that I’ll do at least one lesson a week. I’m learning this with friends so that will make this goal easier.

If I don’t get some direction, I’ll be forever lazy!!

“If all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail”