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Day 11 – A Song From Your Favorite Band…

3 Mar

The Script… Definitely my current favourite band….

My favourite song from the current album… I just love every single lyric in it!!

The Script – Science and Faith

30 Day Song challenge: Day 4

24 Feb

A Song That Makes You Sad!!

I really can’t think of many songs that make me sad right now… Even sad songs I listen to don’t necessarily make me sad. I appreciate the sadness and all but it doesn’t send me spiraling into the depths of depression….

Hmmm…. It’s tough there’s plenty of sad songs I like I suppose I’ll just pick one of those…………..

Ok I’ve thought about it… and there’s three songs* I associate with sadness and loss and I wouldn’t be insulted (actually I reckon I’d feel fairly big headed) if any of them were played at my funeral!!

Wishing you were somehow here again – The Phantom of the Opera

Hear You me (May Angels Lead you in)- Jimmy Eat World

With this song it’s the line “A song for a heart so big, God wouldn’t let it live” Absolutely gets me every time, a giant surge of emotion. I love this song for that reason.

I’m yours – The Script

In this one, the song itself isn’t a sad one but the line “The day news came my best friend died, my knees went weak and you saw me cry” the first time I heard it I have to be honest I actually shed several tears (So so manly I know!!) because I was so into the song I imagined my best friend dying I NEVER want to think about that ever again! It’s my biggest fear!!

Anyway there are my songs for the day… talk to y’all tomorrow!! 😀

*THREE SONGS… I’m getting out of control! Seriously!

I’m Currently…

30 Mar

Reading: Trying to but haven’t really had the time… The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde


Listening to: Talk You Down – The Script (Cannot Get Enough Of That Song)

Eating: Sugarsnap Peas and Humous… My favourite food ’09!



Watching: Nothing Right this Moment… But Thinking Of watching LOST… Missed Last weeks episode because I was in London.

Excited for: My Summer. Only 9 weeks til I’m free!!! Then Inter-railing in July!!!


Or Something Similar… Like coming from Dublin and going to more places…

Dreading: The Work That’s Gonna Be Involved for Assignments, Placement, College etc. for the next 9 weeks… STRESS