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My Life Would Suck Without You….

28 Apr


Been Painfully uninspired of late….

sorry about the lack of blogging…

I still have my mind elsewhere… I’ve an essay I haven’t done that was due the friday before last and so I’ve got to get that done today… This is a quick avoidance post…. after that I will go back to my hard life as a student, still dreaming of four weeks time where I will be free to dream the day away… So anyway having a lack of inspiration has been my problem lately but since I’ve been tagged by Catherine to do This Blog I will and I’ll endeavour to make it a good one… one thing I’ll tell you in advance my room looks like a bomb hit it… so that should be fun to see….


Pink is a lovely colour….

22 Apr


I Passed My Driving Test Today!!!!!


Words cannot describe how happy I am about it!!!!

Like Ecstatic….

I barely practiced this time round, I just focused and told myself that for the next hour I’ve to be the best driver ever, after that I’m free to do whatever I want…

Afterwards I was convinced I’d failed… Obv I didn’t, thank God!!!

It’s been my mission since last summer to pass this test once and for all and it is just like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders like an unbelievable freedom from stress…. no more looking over my shoulder afraid the Gardaí could be about or freezing everytime I see a Garda car and  L don’t have a fully-licenced driver with me…

Now I can be like, come on pull me over!!! I’ll be searching high and low for checkpoints  just so i can be like

“IN YOUR FACE… I mean, Here you go Garda” *Smile*


The Heat of the Summer Sunshine!!!!!

20 Apr


I’m SO excited about summer….. Like SOOOOOO excited…. And it feels like it’s already here…. I’m off college til October in just six weeks… The thoughts of it are just TOO exciting for me to concentrate on anything….


Words cannot describe it… I’m just not gonna think about my lack of finances, where there’s a will there’s a way… and this is gonna be my best summer yet…. I’m going Inter-railing for the whole month of July with two of my friends, I’m gonna make this trip EPIC…. I need to have some great travel experiences… See some great places…. Hopefully I’ll come back a changed person……

For the better…

That sort of independence teaches you all sorts of life lessons… I’m venturing out of the package holiday safety net and it’s gonna be AMAZING….


I’ve had this need to travel all my life (I think everyone’s got it)… It is going to be great… planning it now is getting me SO excited… It’s distracting me from things I should be doing in the here and now….


The weather is  putting me in a amazingly sunny mood… let’s hope I stay this way….


Peace Out!!!!!

Films I Cannot Wait to See!!!

18 Apr

July 17th…. we’ve waited too long for this…. Seriously!!!

I’m also looking forward to these this year…


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Terminator Salvation

Star Trek


Funny People

Monsters vs Aliens

Fast & Furious

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Race to Witch Mountain

Land of the Lost

“As we go on, we remember All the times we had together”

17 Apr

I just got a Blog half dedicated to me!!!!

and discovered one of my friends has a blog too!!!!


I feel So Priviledged….

and it made me all nostalgic and I felt really happy…. I’m still Oozing Happiness….

For those of you who don’t know… my name is Michael… Thomas here refers to me as Mur… Short for Murray, a nickname I didn’t escape from until I left school… I’ll always be Mur to Tom…

“Mine and Mur’s friendship started out as something of a total surprise.
I was sort of the class clown (well, one of many) and Mur was sort of to himself and shy.
What I liked about Mur was he had a sharp wit, he had a habit of dropping cynical hilarious comments that a lot of people around him didn’t get. He is very funny and intelligent. Which I think are two great qualities to have. The best maybe.
I think he was surprised that our interests were very similar at the time we met.
I heard years later from himself and another friend of mine that they thought I was gonna be hanging around with the mad heads of the class, the disobedient troublemakers you could say, and so my wanting to be a friend of theirs was a bit of a shock to them.
I thought that was hilarious. That really made me think back and wonder.
I’ve had a lot of fun with Mur down through the years, he can suddenly just fall out of a conversation and become quiet but, like Ross, just a simple conversation with the guy would end up in me holding my sides.

He probably wouldn’t admit this easily but it was because of me he started answering back to teachers ha. No Mur! If ya weren’t my friend would we ever have got kicked out of I.T Tallaght on the open day and then suspended?
I think not!
Me and Mur went to a talk on journalism I think it was, and somebody asked a question to one of the people giving the talk, kinda sexy I thought, her answer was, ‘It’s all about selling yourself’, which started Mur off, which started me off, which disrupted the whole lecture for a solid ten minutes because of our not stop hysterical laughing. And I mean hysterical, really there wasn’t that much to laugh at, but all it took was for us to be in that lazy humour and to get goin and game over.
Then some annoying teacher came into the class, told us to get out, screamed at us, Mur screamed back, I was still trying not to laugh, Mur stood up for me and tried to take all the blame himself for some mad reason, and then shortly after we got suspended for a few days. Mur got so angry, a rare thing in those days. Of course then there was the time he boxed Higgins for slaggin him.
But that’s for another day.
So for a while in school there was this period of Old Bawn’s answer to the three muskateers, (or maybe the Marx Brothers?) me Mur and Ross, roaming around the depressing halls of Old Bawn Community School in total full swing of the joys.
Good times.”

I LOVE the amount of compliments in this piece…. Like seriously I feel GREAT about myself

Glad there are more people I know out there blogging!!

Thanks Tom!!!

Whenever I see someone less fortunate than I, let’s face it, who isn’t less fortunate than I?

15 Apr


Moving on up in the World…

Today was my busiest day yet… Gettin Kinda Popular… wouldn’t want the fame to go to my head….

I better follow through with some more better stuff…


A big thank you to all my “fans”

Haha I like to think i have some….

Once again it’s probably all thanks to this woman and her linkage… great girl she is….

Oh, how could there possibly be One small person as thoroughly, totally, uttlerly Blah as me.

14 Apr


I’m currently loving this soundtrack… Recommended to me by Catherine… Everything that girl recommends is like GOLD… not to give her a big head or anything….

Kristin Chenoweth is my absolute favourite.


I think I’m in love with her in everyway possible….

I was devastated when pushing daisies was cancelled (Her input was amazing, especially the random musical scenes) but i will be tuning into/ Logging onto … her newest (Animated) show Sit Down, Shut Up, which premieres April 19th on FOX… Sadly i wont be able to see her beautiful face in it…

My new philosophy is a great song….

But currently my favourite song on the album is the doctors in… I can relate it’s kinda uplifting really…

I Love how this whole musical is about Charlie Brown and his depression over the simple things in life “you’re a good man Charlie Brown”

I immediately recognised Charlies voice from another production that Catherine recommended me, Mark Cohen(Anthony Rapp) from RENT…



I just had to throw in a picture or two of Idina Menzel who also starred in RENT and is Insanely Beautiful….

Which brings us to Idina starring with Kristin in Wicked… The final musical That my friend Catherine recommended to me…


It’s all connected really!!!

Weird Huh?