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Dream On, Dream On, Dream On. Dream until your dream comes true…

31 May

So I’ve had multiple resurrections of this blog… never hugely successful….


I’ve been too vague and unmotivated or really motivated with no direction!

In order to get this to go anywhere I need SMART Goals

S- Specific




T-Time Bound

Unlike Previous vague goals these will be more manageable so here are my blogging and life goals for the moment. Giving my life a bit of direction.

So here we go:

1. Post at least 4 times a week.

I don’t think that’s asking too much of myself and even if it means posting four small things on a Saturday afternoon on one of my lazier weeks, so be it!

That’s all of the above things and that is goal one!

2. Read at least 2 blog posts by other bloggers everytime I sign in and comment on that which interests me!

Doable I think. Build up a bit of a network!

3. Begin guitar lessons in the next two months.

I’ve a good friend who’s pretty good at the guitar and I’m pretty sure he’s offered me free lessons on multiple occasions. It’ll be a chance to see him on a regular basis which I don’t currently.

4. Learn Spanish Starting immediately at least one lesson a week

A friend of mine illegally downloaded came across some really great language learning software which normally would cost about 600 euro. So using that I’ll do at least one lesson a week. I’m learning this with friends so that will make this goal easier.

If I don’t get some direction, I’ll be forever lazy!!

“If all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail”

What I want from this Is learn to let go…

31 May

They say I’m superficial Some call me a bitch They just mad cause I’m sexy, famous, and I’m rich…

29 May

Stop Ta-Ta-Talking That Blah Blah Blah…

29 May

So yesterday and today I was at and Occupational Therapy Conference (OMG I sound so grown up!!)

For something I pretty much fell into and didn’t have much interest in for the four years I was in college, It was a GREAT conference.

Basically it ignited my passion for the profession, I’m not gonna say re-ignited because there was no ignition in the first place to re-ignite….? Yeah…. That works…

Good two days anyway. it was Inspirational, Educational, Motivational and Exciting-ional….

I’ve gotten all excited for planning my career, as I said I’m all growed up!

In other news!

Getting my final wisdom tooth…

It’s all coming together on the eve (3 weeks before) of my 21st birthday…

I’m all wise!!

I’ve got a feeling 21 is gonna be a good year!!

Back to the original point of this post (as per title)

Was at the conference with a few friends from college and over the course of the two days I found out that I apparently talk too much.

I know for the most part the girls were joking with me, but I came to the realisation that most of my “interesting stories” could be perceived by everyone else as mind-numbingly boring monologues!

am I that boring?

I find what I have to say rivetting, and that’s all that matters?? Right??

People never look at these things from the other side maybe this is how I feel!!?!

That will be all!! 😉

Six and a Half Loves…

27 May

’cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance well they’re no friends of mine!

25 May

I need to do something interesting meaningful etc. with my life….

I’m at a bit of an inspirational low….

I got all excited about moving out and the future, but I’ve to get a real job first and I’m aiming for October for the big move. This means there’ll be a lot of saving and job hunting between now and then but I need a hobby or something to keep me occupied in the mean time….

Looking for some Ideas THIS is inspiring me quite a bit

I’ll have to give it some thought. Watch this space!!

Express Yourself!

23 May

I’d like to welcome friend number 2

Not that she’s any less of a friend than the friend I first linked up! just second in my discovery of her URL…

Anyway… I have theme issues… can’t find one to settle on… This one’s good for the moment!!