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Day 10 – A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep…

2 Mar

SO a song that makes me fall asleep…

Well to be notoriously difficult as usual I’d like to point out that I generally can’t fall asleep listening to music because it takes up too much of my concentration, 100% if you recall from an earlier post…

There are very few times I’ve fallen asleep listening to music and I’d say they all happened when I was travelling and exhausted… When I think of a song that I could possibly sleep to I keep coming back to this one and It’s definitely a contender in the top ten of all time for me….

I LOVE this song!  It reminds me of 2006/7 when it featured heavily on my playlists… There are few songs that stick with me that long and each time I listen to them I love every second of it!!

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

As usual thank you for reading all of you (or one of you whichever’s closest) more please AND Commenting is ALWAYS welcome in fact it’s ENCOURAGED :D!

Thanks!! 😉

Sweet Dreams…

The Heat of the Summer Sunshine!!!!!

20 Apr


I’m SO excited about summer….. Like SOOOOOO excited…. And it feels like it’s already here…. I’m off college til October in just six weeks… The thoughts of it are just TOO exciting for me to concentrate on anything….


Words cannot describe it… I’m just not gonna think about my lack of finances, where there’s a will there’s a way… and this is gonna be my best summer yet…. I’m going Inter-railing for the whole month of July with two of my friends, I’m gonna make this trip EPIC…. I need to have some great travel experiences… See some great places…. Hopefully I’ll come back a changed person……

For the better…

That sort of independence teaches you all sorts of life lessons… I’m venturing out of the package holiday safety net and it’s gonna be AMAZING….


I’ve had this need to travel all my life (I think everyone’s got it)… It is going to be great… planning it now is getting me SO excited… It’s distracting me from things I should be doing in the here and now….


The weather is  putting me in a amazingly sunny mood… let’s hope I stay this way….


Peace Out!!!!!