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Who am I to say what people would and wouldn’t expect…

6 Mar

Day 14 – A Song That Nobody Would Expect You to Love

Weekends are not my blogging forte… I went paintballing today… that was fun… fairly sore in places because of it. It was AMAZING, I’d definitely go again… anyway I’m not sure what people would and would not expect of me to love musically. I like to think I’m fairly versatile and don’t think anybody would be overly shocked by my taste in music.

I’ve decided to pick a song that just popped in to my head (this challenge is great at bringing to the surface songs you love but have kinda forgotten about) I reckon if you asked anyone who knows me to pick a song I love not one of them would pick this one… It just wouldn’t come to mind….

Sailing to Philadelphia – Mark Knopfler & James Taylor

Let the Sun Shine on Your Face, Don’t Let Your Life go to Waste!

2 Apr

Laura Izibor

Rolling Stone, Artist To Watch


This girl is my new favourite. So far I’ve only heard a couple of songs. She’s released 2 songs so far “From my heart to yours” is great, but “Shine” is an Amazing song it’s kinda a pick me up song… it makes me happy anyway. Ya Know it it’s on that Hibernian/Aviva Ad.


I Love that she’s from Dublin, she’s like the new Samantha Mumba. I don’t know if that would be a compliment for her but Sam is a Legend. Laura’s probably gonna do great in America, Samantha had some bad luck there… After her success with “gotta tell you” it’s like she had no follow through or something. I was devo for her…



but anyway, Laura,

She’s real:

Beyoncé-esque, No?

Beyoncé-esque, No?

“My mother raised five kids on her own, so there wasn’t much time to buy records ? it wasn’t that kind of home. I found myself fancying music at about 13.”

“I just fell in love with soul music” – She’s got soul but she’s not a Soldier (we don’t have them in Ireland)

When she was 15, she won  “2FM Song Contest.”

She’s been working on her album “Let The Truth Be Told”  for FOUR YEARS, since she was like 17. I don’t know if that’s impressive, it is to me! It just makes me think that she has taken the time to perfect her songs and have a good run at this whole getting famous thing. I respect that but if it takes another 4 years for a follow up nobody’s gonna be happy.

She’s recorded the album all over… New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Dublin being some of the places

She’s been gigging all over getting herself known, the girl’s been busy like…She’s opened for acts including James Brown and John Legend and sold-out a couple of shows here in Ireland, Seems she’s gotten herself quite a fan-base.

Laura and John

Laura and John

According to her website,

she’s earned the affectionate moniker “The Soul of Ireland” from the folks back home.

The album is 100% her,”I’ve written this album because it’s my truth. It’s a sincere record and it has a feel of survival in it as well.”

She decided against featuring other artists on the album because apparently she wants success based on her own merits. “I didn’t want to be anybody’s protégé,”  I like it that’s real to me. She’s written the whole album  herself, and co produced it, she deserves the glory…

Having her tracks featured on Grey’s Anatomy and The Hills wins me over immediately anyway.

“I hope people take away a sense of honesty and realness in the record. They’re just songs written from a really sincere place, and hopefully people can connect to it on some level and relate their own lives to it as well.”

I’ve related my life to shine already, Great song… There’re some good tunes bangning about on her website and itunes have some of her stuff…

Unforch her album is not out yet and i can’t seem to find the release date but keep an eye out for it and we can judge it together…

I Like her outlook, She’s great really…

“Life is good. Music is amazing. It’s just a great, unusual thing to be doing what I love, and I’m genuinely grateful. I come from a working class family, so my bothers and sisters and my mother worked so many jobs their whole life, just trying to provide for us. That’s why I’m extremely humbled and grateful to be able to do something that is not only what I love, but pretty unbelievable.”

The girls Hott, if nothing else…

and she’s got style, can’t argue with that…


America’s Next Top Model?