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30 Day song challenge… Day 3… (I almost forgot!!)

23 Feb

A Song That Makes You Happy!

I have several of these but I’m gonna pick two*… The first one never fails to get me out of a bad mood in work, and I work in retail so I’m mostly in a bad mood!! I was in a really bad/low mood the other day and I just decided to listen to it on my iPhone to attempt to drag myself into somewhat of a humour where I would be able to deal with other human beings… It worked to a point… I also used my phone to create a genius playlist using the song. I got a fairly cheery playlist out of it. That music and the company of my best friend who pretty much puts up with me through any mood I’m in (I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you… more please! ) got me into a better place for the rest of the day and week so far I think….

The song is…. wait for it… you’re probably gonna hate it…. but you can’t deny it’s upbeat message!… here goes….

I’ll Be OK – McFly

The other song is one that was introduced to be by a friend a couple of years ago and It reminds me of some good times…

It also makes me excited for summer… and that’s about it…

Another Sunny Day – Belle and Sebastian

* I know I shouldn’t be picking two but I just couldn’t choose one and really you’re lucky that I’ve only chosen two because there are SO MANY that I could’ve picked!!

Run Away Fast as You Can…

24 Oct


Is absolutely amazing… It was filmed in Prague over the period of four days in the Summer of 2010

I don’t claim to know much about art but I think this is it. I just think it was an all round great production and I was completely sucked into it for the entire 35 minutes. I was left wanting more and that’s always a good sign.

Selita Ebanks the Phoenix in the film is also pretty amazing

Now I just can’t wait for his next album which is due November 22nd

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

It looks promising with plenty of greats featuring on it! “All of the lights” for me is the track to watch even just from the breif appearance in the runaway film.

I was never really into Kanye until 808s & Heartbreak but I just think he’s gotten so much better as time has gone on… or maybe I just never gave him enough of a chance to begin with I’ve got his back catalogue from  my best friend who’s obsessed with him so I’ll give them a proper listen and see how I feel.

I’m really looking forward to november. A great month for music a lot of my favourite artists releasing their new albums!! Happy music days ahead!

The Best Way of Spreading Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for all to Hear!

1 Dec

It’s the 1st of December!!!

This means that I can finally be excited about Christmas… My ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE time of year!!!

In my opinion Christmas starts on the 1st of November, But there are just too many cynical Scrooges out there to allow me to begin the celebrations that early!!!

So now bring on the festivities….


Stole the above picture from someones blog, sorry!… It’s so true… I had to have it! 😉

Things I Love About Christmas:

“Hello Buddy the Elf, what’s your favourite colour??”

“Smiling’s My Favourite!”

Ok I Love You Bye Bye….

28 Nov


We are not who you think we are…

18 Aug

The boy who brought you this….


Is now back in full technicolour as usual to bring you this…


and this…


It’s about time we got some happiness injected into this dark economic time for us all… Maybe it’s just me but MIKA’s music just makes me really happy and so far he hasn’t disappointed me with we are golden which is a great tune…

Listen yourself if ya don’t believe me… Here

The video’s interesting to say the least…

Can’t Deny Can’t Deny That She is Really From Outer Space…..

7 Jun

More music I know!!

I enjoy a good celebrity parody…

This is fairly catchy. most of her other stuff is funnier like her 7 things parody…

check her out here

If there’s Any love in me Don’t Let it Show

4 Jun

This song has been following me around a bit….

I’m feeling its message…

Link here

A song with a similar message which I’m also in love with currently is this

Link here

So this is basically my new ethos on life….

This time I’ll be bulletproof!