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Stop Ta-Ta-Talking That Blah Blah Blah…

29 May

So yesterday and today I was at and Occupational Therapy Conference (OMG I sound so grown up!!)

For something I pretty much fell into and didn’t have much interest in for the four years I was in college, It was a GREAT conference.

Basically it ignited my passion for the profession, I’m not gonna say re-ignited because there was no ignition in the first place to re-ignite….? Yeah…. That works…

Good two days anyway. it was Inspirational, Educational, Motivational and Exciting-ional….

I’ve gotten all excited for planning my career, as I said I’m all growed up!

In other news!

Getting my final wisdom tooth…

It’s all coming together on the eve (3 weeks before) of my 21st birthday…

I’m all wise!!

I’ve got a feeling 21 is gonna be a good year!!

Back to the original point of this post (as per title)

Was at the conference with a few friends from college and over the course of the two days I found out that I apparently talk too much.

I know for the most part the girls were joking with me, but I came to the realisation that most of my “interesting stories” could be perceived by everyone else as mind-numbingly boring monologues!

am I that boring?

I find what I have to say rivetting, and that’s all that matters?? Right??

People never look at these things from the other side maybe this is how I feel!!?!

That will be all!! 😉