Music Mondays… Week 2 (Why am I a failure)

7 Feb

Well I’m terribly uncommitted to this this week! Just a bit tired and lazy after a weekend of over indulgence.

I don’t plan to fail, I fail to plan! that line was drilled in to me through 5 years of secondary school in this stupid study skills class we had.

I got to the point on friday night where I was so drunk and felt so guilty that I had done  no exercise for the week AND was eating Eddie Rockets!! I stood in the middle of thew restaurant, 4a.m. and I began doing press ups!!

When asked what I was doing by my friends I replied “What do you expect me to do just stand here and do nothing!!” (Made complete sense to me!).

To the music…

Just one song on my mind this week and it was brought about by the second night of partying this week! It was a party for my friend Dara! She’s going away to live in London and have a real job!!

We had an absolutely amazing night! (Well I did anyway).

During the night I got control of the music because her iPod died. Out comes the iPhone to the rescue!

I had the perfect song… Extremely apt, emotional it started a trend of group singing and dancing for the rest of the night! I was very happy with myself*…

The song was….


I also played this (cause I just can’t get enough of it! I realised halfway through it however that it may have been quite an insensitive choice!)


*I was also very fearful of being in control of the music I worry about pleasing my audience! (P.s. Friend I am over it!!)


One Response to “Music Mondays… Week 2 (Why am I a failure)”

  1. Girl Without a Plan February 9, 2011 at 6:02 PM #

    The Take That video won’t play which is very upsetting for me. Loving your insensitive song choice!

    Yeah the more you tell me you’re over it, the less I believe you…

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