Tommy can you hear me…

4 Mar

This one’s for Tom… The title is in keeping with my blogging theme. If you haven’t noticed, most of my posts have a quote for a title… very “Grey’s Anatomy” of me… Great show by the by…

Soooo…. It’s been a while… A quarter of a year to be precise… I’ve been really busy and uninspired of late and I don’t know what this post is gonna be about. I’m doing it for my biggest (Possibly only) fan the aforementioned “Tommy”

What can I say absence makes the heart grow fonder….

Also It’s been nearly a year since I began this blogging malarky, not that I can say I’ve consistently blogged for a year. I’ve done what I can…


Looking forward to this


It’s gonna be GREAT!

So to update you briefly on my life, I handed my Thesis in in January then I’ve been on placement since, quite busy, college assignments and the like… Final year is not exactly fun fun fun… and it’s MUCH less collegy I don’t feel like a student anymore…

Other than that I’ve not a lot to say but I’ll leave you with a promise. Not a promise that I WILL definitely blog more often, but a promise that I’LL TRY…

That’s all I can do for you…

I can make no guarantees, nothing’s definite in this world.

“nothing’s certain but death and taxes”



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