Pink is a lovely colour….

22 Apr


I Passed My Driving Test Today!!!!!


Words cannot describe how happy I am about it!!!!

Like Ecstatic….

I barely practiced this time round, I just focused and told myself that for the next hour I’ve to be the best driver ever, after that I’m free to do whatever I want…

Afterwards I was convinced I’d failed… Obv I didn’t, thank God!!!

It’s been my mission since last summer to pass this test once and for all and it is just like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders like an unbelievable freedom from stress…. no more looking over my shoulder afraid the Gardaí could be about or freezing everytime I see a Garda car and  L don’t have a fully-licenced driver with me…

Now I can be like, come on pull me over!!! I’ll be searching high and low for checkpoints  just so i can be like

“IN YOUR FACE… I mean, Here you go Garda” *Smile*



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  1. ChickNamedHermia April 23, 2009 at 10:45 AM #


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