Don’t Cry on Your Birthday!…We’re on a Boat Mother F**ker….

14 Apr


The Music in the hills is so current it’s Great…

So… the first two episodes of Season 5 of The Hills,.
Surprise party for Lauren
The surprise is Heidi shows up!!


“I hope we didn’t miss the suprise…”

the party is on a yacht there is no way to alleviate the awkwardness.
Lauren is not impressed, and although Lauren is so drunk the two talk about good times and break down in each others arms. Things aren’t that simple.

It is what it is and it’s not always fair remember. Lauren does NOT want to be Heidi’s friend as long as the Pratt is in the picture

Meanwhile Spencer gets caught flirting, Heidi doesn’t know what to think – she goes back to Colorado and Spencer goes back to the Bartender

Spencer-Just looking for drama as usual… you’re also pure evil…

Heidi- Stephanie Pratt is NOT your friend…

Audrina – Hate her since the Justin Bobby/LC drama… and now Brody… he’s the reason Jen bunny doesn’t exist anymore…

Charlie – SPENCER’S FRIEND – SPENCER HAS A FRIEND??? Who’da thunk??

Stacie – (The Bartender) – She just wants the 15 minutes of fame…  Oh I didn’t know he was married or engaged or what not, oh yeah you’re livin in LA and you don’t know who Spencer Pratt is…

Stephanie (The Bitch ) Pratt

Threw Heidi under the bus…

“Heidi Invited Herself”

Such a liar! …. You’re a traitor…

I don’t understand how she thinks she can get away with constantly lying to everyone… newsflash you’re being recorded!!

It was the same thing last season with Doug… Ridic!!!


Brody’s right she’s a million times worse than Spencer…

Look at her mugshot… Ew…



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