3 Apr

The great lady who Brought us this…

Is back with this…

It’s great stuff. I was just wondering lately where she’d gone when I heard 9 to 5 in work….

She went a bit crazy and off the rails for a while there i think fame went to her head she had to get out

“I saw counsellors and therapists. I had my energies balanced out. I had people tapping on my face. I’m serious, I went through everything! But I don’t think that’s what I needed. I just needed to stop for a while and I did and it worked out for me because I’ve done this album now.”


She’s original i love it… She was picked up by Jay Z signed to Def Jam for her first album… she was huge!

What do you do though, when you’re dropped from you label for pissing off Timbaland?? start your own label? Which is where Lady Sovereigns new plan for world domination, Midget Records, comes in. In partnership with EMI Music…

It feels amazing. I’ve got my own label and everything works my way.”

New Album on the way… It’s called Jigsaw…

“Like my first album, it’s not consistent but it works for me. There are genres on there that ain’t even genres, I’m unpredictable when it comes to making music, I don’t do one genre! I’ve got a few classic club tracks on there but also songs that show another side, a more developed style of songwriting. It’s another chapter to my life. A few of the tracks explain everything that’s happened in the last two years, which I didn’t get a chance to at the time. I’ve been listening to a lot of electro, a lot of instrumental music. Working with Medasyn is an inspiration because we always come up with some weird beats together.”

Anyway Looks Good…

So Does She…



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