My Top 5 Things About London

30 Mar

5. The Buzz.

Everywhere you go there are people, a ridiculous amount of people busily going about their daily lives. There’s just an atmosphere i don’t know what it is. London has this magical quality that you just don’t feel in Ireland. Don’t get me wrong I love my country very much but London is like a great escape into a different world that’s really close to home… It’s a nice place to escape to…

Oh and everyone has an iPhone!! I NEED One!!!

It's Amazing

It's Amazing

4. Phone Boxes.

They’re part of the scenery, London without Phone Boxes just wouldn’t be London at all…

Also an interesting fact is  That BT has adapted payphones for text, email and internet and offers communities the chance to hang on to their local phone by ‘adopting’ or ‘sponsoring’ the kiosk.

So perhaps here in Ireland Eircom were a little too quick off the mark when they decided to remove over 2,000 phone boxes around the country phone boxes without exploring the potential they have to offer. Deputy Ring pointed to the UK where

They described payphones as obsolete technology. That’s Not what BT have to say… They were fairly short-sighted.

Payphones are a fairly useful resource for tourists and the last thing we should be doing is removing services which visitors to our country rely upon.

Fine Gael’s    ” ‘Think outside the phone box’ appeal ” Believe Eircom were fairly foolish…


3. The Price.

Right know the exchange rate is Brilliant!!

1 Euro = 0.927683616 British pounds-ish

And yet there are things like this lovely Hoodie I got in river island London for £30 which over here is Like €55

It should cost approximately €33 here…. so going to London you actually get your moneys worth….

2. The West End.

The amazing “Theatreland” that is London’s west end… So far I’ve not been to london without attending a show… Musicals are my life… My life should be a musical etc…

In this particular trip to London i went to see ‘Joseph and his amazing technicolor Dreamcoat’


Gareth Gates played Joseph it was really good, my favourite character is the narrator and she was played by the understudy the day i went to see it which i decided to myself was much better than the real thing you feel like they’re putting their all in because this is their chance To Shine!!!

How I Love my coat of many colours…

Gareth was runner-up in the first ever Pop Idol in 2002.  He has since had four number one singles and sold 3.5 million records to date.He was then subsequently forgotten by all but a few (Orla Hearne ) and he faded to grey.  Earlier this year, Gareth appeared in ITV1’s Dancing on Ice. Coming back as the star of Joseph has kinda shot him from Grey to Technicolour overnight…

The funniest thing in my entire experience of the show however was how he credited himself in the programme for having taken part in a documentary called “whatever happened to Gareth Gates?” Is that not in any way embarrassing???

I really like him though…

overcoming his stammer stammer and all….

He’s endearing…

I Loved This Song…

1. The Tube.


The London Underground! THE most amazing transport system I’ve ever experienced… It just Works!


You can get on anywhere AT ALL and just make it to your destination no matter what, a couple of connecting trains and Bam! you’re there… no hassle at all.. you’re never really left waiting Long for a train… it’s so fast, you don’t even realise you’re twisting and turning or how deep underground you are… It is the THE thing that makes London so amazing. It’s a Pioneer In transport systems… The longest metro system in the world apparently.

And it’s relatively cheap it was like £5.40 for a day ticket (off peak which meant we just couldn’t travel before 9am, but your on your holidays why would ya) for zones 1 and 2 which is the major part of London…


And it’s relatively cheap it was like £5.40 for a day ticket (off peak which meant we just couldn’t travel before 9am, but your on your holidays why would ya) for zones 1 and 2 which is the major part of London…


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