Somewhere Only We Know!

28 Mar

Hello and welcome to my Blog….

Ok, I’m new to this whole thing. In the past, I’ve tried (and failed) many times to blog or do anything of this sort, but I guess the idea of people who’ve never met you getting to read your inner-most random thoughts and things you have to say appeals to me in a big way. I just think I can say what i want, my random musings may interest you… I cannot however, guarantee this.

Just give me a chance…

I’m a 19 year-old-student in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, which is irrelevant to this blog as it will more than likely never feature as a topic of discussion. Also I’ve only told one person about this blog so it’s kind of a secret. Don’t know how that’s gonna get me any readers…<&#8212; This girl is kinda the reason for my most recent attempt at blogging, I’ve been reading her blog and it has reminded me of my interest in blogging. Her blog seems so accessible. She has unknowingly re-ignited a passion for this sort of thing in me. She has a BA in Journalism which would be a significant advantage over me Since I’ve studied nothing in any way English or Journalism related (please excuse my grammar).

Read her stuff anyway, it’s GREAT!

Anyway, I’m just trying this out as i believe I’d enjoy it…. I’ll do my best to have regular updates, if you’re in any way interested?

My trivial existance could prove interesting, ya never know…

All i know is that I’m obsessed with fame….

Like Gaga… but that’s a separate issue…

I’ll leave you with this performance, she plays the piano with HER FOOT??



One Response to “Somewhere Only We Know!”

  1. ChickNamedHermia March 31, 2009 at 8:08 AM #

    Awh thanks *hug*

    And you’ll see how much the journalism degree stands to me after you read the ten thousand typos in every one of my posts!

    Wooo Michael’s blog!

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